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Book Presentation – Worlds of Slavery

On Friday, 23 February 2024, the book launch of „Worlds of Slavery“, edited by Paulin Ismard, took place at the Stabi, organised by the Friends of the Berlin State Library. An international team of 70 specialised historians traced the history of slavery for this book: its beginnings in prehistory, its establishment in the ancient civilisations, […]

Digital Information Meeting: Research and Funding Opportunities in Germany

IN_CONTEXT supports the digital meeting of the Network Colonial Contexts in Germany with a presentation about researching information in libraries. The aim of the meeting is to introduce the diverse and heterogeneous structural contexts in Germany, i. e. federalism, private and public funding organizations as well as individual programs that enable project participation or application by […]

The Provenance of Literature – Joint seminar session with the FU Berlin

The debate about provenance and restitution research is currently booming in museums – but the field is much broader, and some are already talking about a ‘provenancial turn’. While disciplines such as art history, ethnology, archaeology and book studies have developed methods of provenance research, questions of provenance in literary studies are still comparatively new. […]

Workshop Colonial Contexts in Libraries

A conference report by Christine Kühn On 6-7 November 2023, about 60 researchers and librarians from more than 16 institutions came together at the Berlin State Library to discuss colonial contexts in libraries. For the first time, a comprehensive programme combined diverse issues and approaches. Various library-specific fields of action were identified: provenance research on […]

CfP: Workshop on Colonial Contexts in Libraries

The colonial past is increasingly the subject of public debate. Cultural heritage institutions bear a special responsibility, and museums in particular have already begun to reflect critically on their colonial entanglements and to investigate their colonial legacies. Provenance research and restitution debates have contributed to this. So far, libraries have played a marginal role in […]