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Reflecting on Connected Pasts: Colonial Collections Across Institutions

19. Oktober 2023, virtueller Workshop

This workshop provides a platform for staff members of the Bodleian Libraries and Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (SBB) to engage in a vibrant discussion and exchange of ideas from their respective projects that look into the colonial past. Participants will have the opportunity to share insights, experiences, and perspectives on the digitization, cataloging, and responsible presentation of materials related to colonial history. This collaborative environment encourages the exploration of diverse approaches and fosters mutual learning.


2:00pm–2:10pm Welcome, Anthony Brewerton/Julia Maas
2:10pm–2:15pm We Are Our History – project overview, Jasdeep Singh
2:15pm–2:20pm IN_CONTEXT – project overview, Larissa Schmid
2:20pm–2:45pm Session I: Digital Discovery

Digital Bodleian, Judith Siefring
Digitized Collections at Stabi Berlin, Thorsten Siegmann
The IN_CONTEXT Virtual Research Platform, John Woitkowitz

2:45pm–3:00pm Q&A Session, Jasdeep Singh
3:00pm–3:10pm Break
3:10pm–3:35pm Session II: Practices of Collecting

South Asia in Focus: Objectives of the „Qalamos“-project, Christoph Rauch
Colonial Contexts in Stabi Collections, Lars Müller
Bodleian and Empire, Alexandra Franklin

3:35pm–3:55pm Q&A Session, Larissa Schmid
3:55pm–4:10pm Session III: Joint Funding Brainstorming
4:10pm–4:15pm Any Other Business